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Table of Contents

Scanner Guide


  1. Log in as local admin not as a privileged user who belongs to the local admin group
  2. Install ImageNow Perceptive Content Client
  3. Plug in scanner
  4. Install ISIS driver based on the scanner model and OS installed on the machine:
  5. Install KOFAX VRS driver based on the scanner model and OS installed on the machine:
    1. Copy this file to the workstation to which the scanner will be attached.
    2. Run it to unzip the installation files.
    3. Run the setup.exe file.
    4. Reboot.
    5. Register the product. Use any of the values as needed to complete the registration on your workstation
  6. Test scanner connectivity and KOFAX VRS by opening either KOFAX VC Demo or KOFAX Test Console
    1. Make sure the scanner can actually scan documents to either of the two tools mentioned above
    2. Once this the scanner can scan documents, the Imagine team can take over to create capture profiles
  7. Once the ImageNow Imagine admin has created capture profiles in this machine: copy inscan.xml and indevice.xml file from the local admin (or from whoever is logged in at the time the capture profiles have been created) to all the users' profiles that will be using this machine or that will be scanning.
    1. Please see instructions at How to copy Capture Profiles?


Check the power first. Power off your scanner, and then your computer. Power up your scanner, and then your computer. If the power cycles do not restore your ability to scan, call your technical support for hardware check. 


Best practices for scanning performance