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Working in Partnership

The Imagine service provides planning and scoping, analysis and design, implementation, training, and maintenance and support.

All projects are based on a close, active partnership between the customer and Imagine teams.

For simple projects, for example scanning projects that do not require much customization or workflow management, we have project templates that will enable us to get your project up and running very quickly. More complex projects require deeper analysis and a longer time frame.

Nevertheless, both simple and complex projects will follow the same overall trajectory:

1.    Scope and Plan

During the Scope and Plan phase the Imagine and customer teams focus on identifying enough of the project specifics to develop an SOW or Project Charter.

  1. Confirm Scope and Business Objectives
  2. Develop Project SOW/Charter including scope, time frame, roles and responsibilities
  3. SOW/Charter customer sign off
  4. Kick Off

2.    Analysis and Design

Since much of the implementation detail cannot be known until work is underway, we undertake a more in-depth analysis and design phase with iterative hands-on prototyping during which the customer works side-by-side with our team.

  1. Analyze Business Processes
  2. Gather Business and Technical Requirements
  3. Define Functional and Technical approach to meet customer goals
  4. Iterative prototyping
  5. Train the Trainer
  6. Technical and user testing, revisions on the QA Server

3.    Implementation Preparation and Verification

During this phase we move an approved implementation to the Production Server. Both Imagine and customer team members are responsible for testing. The customer is responsible for their user training.

  1. Implementation Preparation
  2. Software Deployment, Configuration and Testing
  3. Training Before Implementation

4.    Deploy and Support

  1. Go Live
  2. System Transition to Support Phase
  3. Project Closure

Getting Started with Imagine

If you would like to get started with the service, please take a look at the documents below; they will give you an idea about what is needed to begin a project.

  • Service Level Agreement
  •  Business requirements discovery questionnaire
  •  Recommended scanners
    • Departments purchase equipment such as scanners based on IST API -Enterprise Applications and vendor recommendations. Brand/model recommendations are based on the Imagine team’s experience with the product. Although other hardware might also work, alternative selections should be verified with the vendor, PSIHyland, and with the Imagine team prior to purchase.

Current Imagine Customers

  • Academic Advising (SIS Integration)
    • Access to student documents via CalCentral integration
  • Cal Student Central (SIS Integration)
    • Access to student documents related to Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid
  • Chancellor’s Immediate Office
  • Controller’s Office
    • Accounts Payable invoices and purchase orders (Case History)
    • Travel & Entertainment vouchers (Case History)
    • Billing and Payment Services student loans
    • Contracts and Grants
    • Procurement, Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Office (SIS integration)
    • Evaluation and Processing 
  • Graduate Division
    • Student document management
  • Office of the Registrar (SIS integration)
    • Records
    • Residency
    • Veterans
  •  Office of Undergraduate Admissions (SIS integration)
    • Applications Evaluation Management
  • School of Public Health
    • Student documents processing
  • Student Services (SIS integration)
    • Business Operations
  • Transfer Credit (SIS Integration)
    • Electronic transcript integration and review
  • University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)
    • Office of Gift Planning
  • University Extension
    • Course and instructor approval
    • Grade cards and transcripts
    • Correspondence
  • The following implementations have been retired and the functionality folded into other implementations due to campus reorganization
    • Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP)
    • Haas School of Business
      • Hass Undergraduate Admissions
      • Haas Undergraduate Student Services
      • Fulltime MBA Admissions (Case History
    •  College Writing Program
      • Student portfolios

Case Histories

These brief case histories provide a high level view of some of our projects: the business need the projects addressed and the solution we implemented.