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  • Led CollectionSpace customized prototypes Deployment projects for multiple campus collections
  • BNHM IST Partnership, developed financial sustainability model which contributed to FY12 CTC funding for campus CollectionSpace deployments
  • CTC funding secured for BNHM IST partnership and other campus museum deployments of collectionspace
  • CollectionSpace presentations, education and outreach at: UCSSC, SPNHC, TDWG, UCB-Canadensys,
  • Analysis and content aggregation for implications of NSF Data Management requirements
  • Grants proposals submitted for: CollectionSpace deployments (IMLS), CollectionSpace 2.0 (Mellon), BNHM-IST (IT Bank)
  • Support for grant proposals submitted for:CineFiles/IMLS, BiSciCol/NSF, Arctos/NSF, AmphibiaWeb/FWS, UCJEPS-Seaweed/NSF, ESPM-Potts/NSF, Essig/NSF, CLIR (UCMP), 
  • Completed biodiversity informatics work for multi-year Moorea-Biocode project
  • Initiated biodiversity informatics work for grant-funded multi-year projects (NSF/CalBug, NSF/BiSciCol)
  • Participated in modeling of future costs and resources required for CollectionSpace multi-tenant operations