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  • Build a generalized SNA reasoner
  • Build graphical visualization tools for families, social networks, that support what-if and similar workflows.
  • Deployment projects build additional recognizers for names, activities, etc., and rule-bases for various languages, corpora
  • Communities prepare and import corpora, and share assertions about the corpora, in a model of collaborative research.

Project News

October 28, 2013

Laurie Pearce has been invited to speak about BPS at the Leiden Institute of Area Studies, Leiden University (NL).

September 10, 2013

Patrick Schmitz presented a paper, "Ancient Texts, Modern Tools," in the DH-CASE 2013: Collaborative Annotations in Shared Environments: Metadata, Vocabularies and Techniques in the Digital Humanities Workshop at the DocEng2013 conference in Florence, Italy.  The paper, co-authored with Laurie Pearce, was one of three in a session on Prosopography.  The slide decks from the workshop papers may be seen here.