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Current Projects

Completed Projects

Supported Systems and Applications

  • CineFiles (Pacific Film Archive)
  • SAGE (UC Botanical Garden)
  • Spiro (College of Environmental Design Visual Resource Collection)
  • BLC Collections (Berkeley Language Center)
  • Seurat (History of Art Visual Resource Collection)
  • SMaSCH (University and Jepson Herbaria)
  • MIP Image Archive (Campus-wide)
  • BerkeleyMapper (BNHM)
  • CalPhotos (BNHM, campus)
  • Essig CMS (Essig Museum of Entomology)
  • UCMP CMS (UC Museum of Paleontology)
  • AmphibiaWeb (BNHM)
  • Biocode DB (BNHM)
  • Docubase (BNHM)
  • BNHM web sites (BNHM)
  • BNHM data warehouse (BNHM)
  • Business Objects reporting environment (UC Botanical Garden, HAVRC)
  • MVZ Arctos (Oracle) database administration
  • Archon archival management system (UCJeps)
  • UCMP Loans List

Operations and administration

  • Sybase database administration
  • System administration (Linux, Unix, Windows)
  • Webfarm administration

Informatics Services Team

Services and Specialties

  • Collection management systems
  • Visual resource collections
  • Data management and analysis
  • Data exchange, integration, and dissemination
  • Digital asset management and repositories (media vaults)
  • Taxonomies and controlled vocabularies
  • Semantic services and ontologies
  • Geospatial services and mapping
  • Visualization
  • Genomic information
  • Field Information Management Systems (FIMS)
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Informatics consulting
  • Grant-writing
  • Application development
  • Systems hosting and support
  • Liaison and brokering of services with other providers
  • Version control
  • Digital image processing and derivatives

More information can also be found on the following web sites:

Assignments and resource forecasts



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