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Users can follow this procedure to create a search that prompts for a value. 

  1. In ImageNow Perceptive Content Explorer, in the Views pane, choose the view you want to query or filter.  In this example, let's use the All Documents View. 

  2. In the right pane, on the Search tab, click the Add button .

  3. In the Add Condition dialog box, fill in the fields as follows:

    1. Constrain by - select Document Key. 

    2. Type list - select Prompted.

    3. Field list - select Field 1.

    4. Operator list - select "starts with".

    5. Message list - type the following message to appear in the prompt: "enter SID"

    6. Click OK.

  4. Click the Go button.

  5. In the Select a Search Value dialog box, type the value you want to find and then click OK, or in this case, we will use SID 23805382. Please note that you might not have access to documents related to this SID.