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Desktop issues

  1. Browser. Please see supported configurations at Imagine Supported Configurations and Browser Troubleshooting
  2. Java. Latest Java version should be installed at the user's machine.
  3. Scanner. For Documentation please review Imagine Scanner Information pages. Also, please contact the Imagine team at before making any changes to the machine connected to the scanner.
  4. Crash. Ask users to describe "crash" - are they kicked out of the system, the UI disappears, what is the exact behavior? Error messages and screenshots are very helpful in troubleshooting.
  5. Connectivity. Review the last three items in Imagine System Errors
  6. Installing new client. Install of new client should be done with machine's local admin rights - make sure the INow printer is also installed. Please follow instructions found on the word document "IMAGENOW_CLIENT_v6.7.0 INSTALLATION.doc" that comes along with the install files.


User Access Issues

Users can't log in. There could be several reasons for this:

  1. Users are not logged into the correct server, QA versus Prod or vice versa. To fix this review the Connection Profile option on the log in screen. For instructions on how to create a connection profile go to Imagine system administration (how to create connection profiles).
  2. Users' info (calnet id, name, etc) has not been uploaded to the system. Verify with the Functional Owner whether the user's info has been submitted to the Imagine team.
    1. Instructions for Functional owners on how to request user's access is available at Requesting user access.docx
  3. For new users: their calnet id should be up and running, ask them to try with blu, BFS, etc.
  4. For new users: make sure their calnet id has been synchronized.


 Document Management Issues

  1. Document not opening. Describe the exact behavior and also, review Imagine Opening and Viewing Documents
  2. Document not printing / Printing Problem. Is the Print icon grayed-out? Can user print other documents in his/her machine? At what point in the process does the printing problem happens (from within the Explorer, the actual document, etc) ? What is the exact error/behavior that occurs? Printing to an actual printer or to INow printer? Review Imagine Supported Configurations and Browser Troubleshooting
  3. Document not found.  When was the document captured (scanned, printed to inow, emailed, created through data load, etc.)? How does user know the document should be in the system? What are some of the index values the document should have?
  4. Document splitting problem.  Review Imagine Splitting Documents
  5. Importing documents problem.  Trying to import through the client or webnow?
  6. Appending documents problem. Are all the index values of the new document the same as on the existing document? What is the exact problem happening when trying to append?


 Capturing Issues

  1. Email intake not working. Since when has the email not been working? Are there common senders whose emails are not being received by the system?
  2. Fax intake not working. Since when has the fax not been working? Are there common senders whose fax numbers are not being received by the system?
  3. Scan intake not working. What are the exact error messages or steps that lead to the scanner not working? What was changed in the scanner machine? User profiles? Access? Drivers?

System Integration Issues

  1. System integration - BFS/BearBuy (often it's not Imagine, it's BFS or BB or Java). At what point in the process does the system integration issue occurs?


Uninstalling the Client

When the uninstalling of the Client is necessary, please:

  • Contact the Imagine team before the actual uninstall (to coordinate with them in case the specific station needs special procedures, i.e. if this is a scanner machine).
  • Save the capture profiles so that they can be reinstalled after the client, this way the user won't loose key settings in their system. To save the capture profiles before uninstalling please follow the instructions on the wiki page re How do i copy Capture Profiles?


Tier 2 Support by the Imagine team