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Aaron Culich, Research IT
Amy Neeser, Library / Research IT (RDM)
Andy Lyons, UC Div of Ag Resources
Barbara Gilson, SAIT (emeritus)
Camille Crittenden, CITRIS
Chris Hoffman, Research IT
Jason Christopher, Research IT
Jenn Stringer, RTL
John Lowe, Research IT
Kortney Rupp, Library (Chemistry)
Meaggan Leavitt, ETS
Nico Tripcevich, ARF
Patrick Schmitz, Research IT
Perry Willets, CDL
Rick Jaffe, Research IT
Ron Sprouse, Linguistics
Steve Masover, Research IT

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Many formats, many media come into the Bancroft (floppy discs, flash drives, 20 year old computers, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, Zip disks, etc.; photos, text files, word processing files, databases). Observation that this is actually not so different from the past: vellum, onion-skin paper, parchment, paper, etc. However these formats are more fleeting and fragile than older media.