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Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) are a digital scientific record keeping system. They meet the demands of modern science by creating an organized and secure record keeping environment, that improves collaboration and interdisciplinary work. We will explore a specific case study and examine the landscape of ELNs across the physical sciences. 

When: Thursday, 8 February from 12 - 1pm [To be rescheduled]
Where: 200C Warren Hall, 2195 Hearst St (see building access instructions on parent page).
What: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in the Physical Sciences
Presenting/Facilitating: Kortney Rupp (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library)

Prior to the meeting, please review the following:

  • Bird, C. L., Willoughby, C., & Frey, J. G. (2013). Laboratory notebooks in the digital era: the role of ELNs in record keeping for chemistry and other sciences. Chemical Society Reviews, 42(20), 8157–8175. (PDF)
  • Kanza, S., Willoughby, C., Gibbins, N., Whitby, R., Frey, J. G., Erjavec, J.,Kovač, K. (2017). Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper? Journal of Cheminformatics, 9(1), 1–15. (PDF)

Additional reading (optional):

Shankar, K. (2004). Recordkeeping in the Production of Scientific Knowledge: An Ethnographic Study. Archival Science, 4(3–4), 367–382. (PDF)