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The undergraduate admission function provides an annual student cohort of the highest possible quality to the campus undergraduate education tract. The graduate admission function provides individual students of the highest possible quality to each academic department. Both functions are composed of four sub-processes: recruitment, application, evaluation, and provision. The undergraduate and graduate functions make use of different application groups to accomplish these sub-processes. The data stores maintained by these processes serve as systems-of-record for many other campus functions, especially those dealing with student intake and provisioning.

Business problem statement

A short description of the important business problems relating to the domain and how they are addressed in the target architecture.

  • integration with system-wide application intake
  • identification and attraction of top candidates
  • normalized evaluation
  • security and privacy
  • federal, state, and UC regulatory compliance
  • predictable rate of matriculation (yield)

Applications deployed within the business domain

A table listing currently deployed applications.

  • OUAE – Office of Undergraduate Admissions Enterprise: Integrated management of all undergraduate admissions processes on Berkeley campus
  • myBa – myBerkeleyApplication: Integrated communication system for undergraduate applicants
  • TCS – Transfer Course System: Management of courses and test scores applicable towards UC Berkeley credit
  • REG – Student Registration System: Management of student profile information and term-based registration processes

Domain structure

Domain service qualities

A description of the service qualities that are important for each business domain and how they are achieved in the target architecture.

  • Availability
    • international access for student-facing interfaces requires 24/7 reliability
    • seasonal concentration of demand requires high-volume performance in short time window
  • Assurance
    • record-level security based on authority roles
  • ???etc

Future directions

Any important directions identified for systems within the domain.

  • UC system-wide admissions process will transition to providing application data in a proscribed XML format via API
  • DARS will replace TCS  as a store for external college credit