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Note that a table describing the install & configure HowTo's should probably just be included on this page. Cf. Identity and Access Management - Authentication and Authorization, section title Installing and configuring technology components to support IAM



  1. RESTful wiki documentation (cf. WIP Documentation Space's access-restricted pages v0.8 as example, v0.9 in development (and public-visible) in the Service Description Repository) [SJM, FA]
  2. SOA-layer Javadoc [SJM, FA, BMA, Parod]


Bamboo's centrally-hosted services include an IAM (Identity and Access Management) suite, Collection Interoperability Hub, and proxy services to remotely-hosted tools for scholarship. This set of services runs on FUSE ESB, an enterprise distribution of Apache's open-source ServiceMix (acquired in 2012 by RedHat). A number of additional, open-source technologies are required to support these services, including Apache Web Server (httpd), and Grouper.

Information on the centrally-hosted services' architectural overview; a service developer "workbench" environment in which to extend or develop services; sys admin documentation for deployment of additional technologies in support of services; and the services' API are organized in this section of the Bamboo documentation, as follows:


Installing and Configuring technology components

Excerpt Include
Identity and Access Management - Authentication and Authorization
Identity and Access Management - Authentication and Authorization