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News from Project Bamboo is archived at the Bamboo Technology Project Blog Posts space, hosted by Atlassian OnDemand.

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Table of Contents


Work Areas

Phase One (Oct 2010 - Sep 2012):


Communications & Outreach

Project Overview

Project Bamboo is building applications and shared infrastructure for humanities research. Project Bamboo is now in its first, 18-month phase of technology development. By Spring 2012 we will deliver three things. First, research environments for humanities scholars. Second, behind the scenes infrastructure allowing librarians and technologists to better support humanities scholarship across institutions. And third, a blueprint for the next phase of the Bamboo Technology Project, focusing on the evolution of shared applications for humanities corpora curation and exploration.

For more information about Project Bamboo, visit

Phase 1 Success Statement

January 2011 we had a partner meeting in which we defined Phase 1 (October 2010-March 2012) success for the Bamboo Technology Project. Over the course of the following weeks, the definition was refined. The following statement is the result of this work.

Success Definition for BTP Phase 1

We have delivered a useful end-to-end experience in which humanities scholars can do real work using our research environments connected to collections, tools, and services. We are ready to release research environments – and shared infrastructure to connect them to external collections and tools – into production operation during Phase 2 of the Bamboo Technology Project.

Additional characteristics of Phase 1 success include:

  • Developers want to use the Bamboo ecosystem
  • Users contribute back to the Bamboo ecosystem.
  • Our work/ecosystem is extensible
  • It is useful, and, by implication, adds value to the world of humanist scholarship and technology

Wiki Overview

This wiki is the collaboration space for implementing the Project Bamboo Technology Proposal. Our efforts are organized into Work Areas, each of which has an area in this wiki space which you are welcome to explore (see Work Area links, above).

You might also be interested in an overview of the project's deliverables , technical approach and phase 1 work plan.

For questions about using this wiki, please start with the Tech Wiki FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Wiki Access

Anyone may read content on this wiki. Anyone may sign up for an account in order to comment on pages.

  • For further information and screenshots, please visit the Wiki Access HowTo page.
  • After self-signup, those who are directly participating in project teams may send an e-mail to request additional wiki permissions – see Step 3 on the Wiki Access HowTo page.

Background & Archive

  • The proposal to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that was generously funded to enable work described on this wiki is attached to this page (PDF).
  • Text, tables, and diagrams from the July 2010 "Project Bamboo Technology Proposal to the Mellon Foundation" are included in this wiki space as listed in the Proposal Excerpts page.
  • Work of Summer 2010, in preparation for an initial phase of work funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, may be accessed through the Pre-Implementation Overview page

Additional key pages in this wiki space are linked from the navigation panel on the left side of this page. Cf., especially, Project Guidelines and this wiki's FAQ.

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