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Sometimes it is necessary to copy a whole item, including all its pages or documents. To copy an item, follow the steps below:

  1. In ImageNow Perceptive Content Explorer, run a search to return the document you want to copy. Highlight the document and go to File/Copy Document, or click Ctl-Y.
  2. The Copy Document dialog box opens.
  3. If applicable, choose the appropriate Application Plan – if no Application Plan is available or used in the current process, proceed to modify or enter the newly required index values manually (including Drawer and Type, formerly known as “Document Type”).
    1. Note: If no index values are entered or modified, the system will display the message “Attempt to copy document to itself” and the document won’t be copied.
    2. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not enter any values on the NAME field. Doing so will trigger a Content Modeling process, which is not used at this time.
  4. Make sure to check the Send to workflow queue checkbox and select the appropriate queue.
    1. Note: If no workflow queue is selected, the document will be created in the system per se, but it won’t appear in any workflow queue making it difficult to find.
  5. Click OK.


Yes, provided the user has been granted the appropriate privileges, use the Route Anywhere command. First, check to verify that you have the required permission for your document. If the document is open, either click Workflow in the menu bar and then Route Anywhere OR click the Route Anywhere icon (a graphic with 4 arrows) at the bottom of the ImageNow Perceptive Content Viewer page. From the Route Anywhere window, you can select the destination queue, and then click the Route button. If the document isn’t open but the ImageNow Perceptive Content Explorer is open, you may right-click on the document and select Workflow and then the Route Anywhere option, select a destination queue, then click the Route button.

If the Route Anywhere option is not available in the document, please contact your Imagine Implementation Admin (usually, the user with the privileges to route the document accordingly).


Printing Documents

How do i print single pages in



  1. Log in to webnowWebNow
  3. Go to File/Print 
  4. On the Print Options dialog box click OK 
  5. Once the print options appear, go to the Pages section and choose the pages that are actually needed