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  1. Open the document
  2. Open the page with the issue
  3. Click on the Redaction icon 
  4. With the Redaction icon on select the data to be redacted
  5. Go to File/Generate Redacted Document
  6. On the Generate Redacted Document dialog box, make sure to type a unique identifier in one of the index values, ie, "REDACTED" in the Student Name field (after the actual student name)
  7. Make sure the appropriate workflow queue is selected and that the Send to Workflow queue check box is checked
  8. Make sure the "All pages" radio button is checked or select the appropriate page range
  9. Click OK

How can I delete a scanned document that contains sensitive data after i have created a newly redacted document?

After newly redacted documents have been created the originally scanned documents that include sensitive data should be deleted. Please apply the steps below to find and delete the document. 

In our previous example, we added the word "REDACTED" to the student name.

  1. Go to the queue chosen in step 8 above. In this case, the queue is BK Res Linking
  2. Do a quick search for any of the Index Values in the original document, i.e. in this case, let's use the student id 24132091:
    1. Note that two items with almost same index values appear.
  3. Proceed to delete the original document by right-clicking on it and by selecting the delete option.
  4. Once the original document has been deleted open the newly generated document and proceed to remove the "REDACTED" word from the index value, in this case Student Name.
    1. Note that deleting the whole original item deletes also its document history.

Rotating Documents

How do I rotate a document?

You can rotate any image document (for example, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, and .tif), however, you can only save image rotations for TIFF documents.

  1. Perform the following action, depending on your viewer:
    1. In ImageNow Explorer, double-click the document you want to rotate.
    2. In ImageNow Viewer, on the View menu, point to Rotate and then select the option you want.
  2. Saving the document. For a TIFF document type, save the rotation change on the ImageNow Server:
    1. On the View menu, point to Rotate, and then click Save Image Rotation to Server.

Date and Time in Documents

Downloading and Uploading Documents to the system

Exporting documents from the system