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ImageNow server network connection is temporarily unavailable. Try your request again later.


Users will receive this error message when they try to use the Toolbar after the system has timed out. This occurs if their workstations were idle when the system timed out.


  • To fix this, close: the error message, the Toolbar and the ImageNow dialog box.
  • Reopen the dialog box and log back into the system.


My document is locked and the system does not allow me to open it.


In some cases, the document a user is working with is left open but the actual connection to the server is terminated or unexpectedly closed. The reasons for this could be several:

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Desktop issues
  • User left an item open and either shut down their desktop or the client timed out
  • Etc.


In any of the above scenarios when the user returns to work with the mentioned document, the system will prevent them from opening the item by sending an error message about the document being "locked".


  • Once the stale session from before the disconnect occurred is cleared out of the system the document should return to an idle state and be available to open.
  • Also, there may be a delay between the network disconnect (or whatever technical issue it was) and the release of the session. 

  • If the network is down for a prolonged period of time the result may be more unpredictable. 

    • If ImageNow still communicates with the database and it is a network issue between the app server and the end user the sessions should time out. 

    • In the event that the network interruption is prolonged and interferes with the ability to communicate with the database there may be hung sessions when user returns. In this case, it would be needed to manually released by the Imagine team. Please submit a ServiceNow ticket to the Imagine team at

  • As a training issue users are asked to close an item (not just the pages) but the whole item right after they finish working with that item.