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  1. Services APIs (CI Hub, Scholarly Services, IAM/Core/Utility services on BSP):
    1. RESTful wiki documentation (cf. WIP Documentation Space's access-restricted pages v0.8 as example, v0.9 in development (and public-visible) in the Service Description Repository) [SJM, FA]
    2. SOA-layer Javadoc [SJM, FA, BMA, Parod]
  2. Developer Workbench Environment for BSP Service Developers (cf. WIP instructions for setting up a BSP Developer's Workbench, v0.9) [SJM, FA]
  3. Configure Apache Web Server for Client Auth (cf. access-restricted pages Apache Webserver Config for Client Auth - BSP and v2012-08-24 BSP Instance Install and Config Notes) [SJM, KH, Brian Wood; cf. IAM-103]
  4. Grouper Install - Configure - Populate (cf. access-restricted WIP Grouper 2.1 Install) [SJM, KH; cf. IAM-77IAM-107IAM-108IAM-113]
  5. BSP Architecture [FA]
  6. Notes on a hypothetical refactoring to yield an AuthZ framework of general utility [FA] WILL NOT PRODUCE THIS DOCUMENTATION; clock ran out