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2017 datesTopic
October 19, 2017Secure Computing Environments: Campus Approaches
October 5, 2017Analyzing data produced by campus engagement online: thinking through strategy and policy
September 21, 2017Intro to Kubernetes and how it is being used to support Data Science Education
September 7, 2017Turning big corpora into big data – Digital Humanities at scale
August 24, 2017GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer and Control-M Workload Automation for research data transfer
August 10, 2017PEARC 2017 - Report-back
July 27, 2017Berkeley's cloud-based Learning Analytics stack
June 29, 2017Problems in securing research data
June 15, 2017Natural Language Processing over a Fanfiction Corpus
June 1, 2017Developing Pedagogical and Research Tools for a Film Delivery Platform
May 18, 2017Framework for workflows with task dependencies on HPC
May 4, 2017ECAR/CNI framework for building institutional capacity for digital humanities
April 6, 2017National efforts to coordinate Research IT consulting/facilitation
March 23, 2017Report-back from UCLA Digital Humanities Infrastructure symposium
March 9, 2017Text Analysis on XSEDE
February 23, 2017Non-consumptive research over large data sets
February 9, 2017How should NSF support cyberinfrastructure for the next decade?
January 26, 2017Integrating Globus and Box in research workflows
January 12, 2017RDM Librarian Training Program
2016 datesTopic
December 15, 2016Reportback from CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Conference
December 1, 2016Reportbacks from Supercomputing and CASC conferences
November 17, 2016George Lakoff: The Berkeley Center for Brain, Mind, and Society
November 3, 2016The Library's Scholarly Communication Program
October 6, 2016Reimagining IT at UC Berkeley
September 22, 2016Science DMZ at UC Berkeley
September 8, 2016Broadening Participation in Visualization Workshop: report-back from Purdue University
August 25, 2016CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative
August 11, 2016Data Acquisition and Access Program
July 14, 2016Moving Forward with Active Research Data Storage Solutions
June 30, 2016Emerging Trends in Consulting on Research and Teaching - location: 117 Dwinelle (Academic Innovation Studio)
June 2, 2016Addressing security & privacy threats in data analytics with Helio
May 19, 2016Singularity: Mobility of Compute with Containers
May 5, 2016Literature + Digital Humanities working group: developing a disciplinary community of practice
April 21, 2016Shifter: Enabling Containers for HPC
March 24, 2016Software sustainability concerns in research
March 10, 2016Experiments scaling computational resources with JupyterHub
February 25, 2016Approaches to Scaling Up Computing with Virtualization
February 11, 2016Handling Sensitive Museum Data at UC Berkeley: the CollectionSpace Approach
January 28, 2016Learning Data and Analytics: The Promise and Pitfalls
January 14, 2016

Recent developments in publishing research data: Open Context

2015 datesTopic
December 3, 2015Approaches to Secure Research Computing: Working with Restricted or Sensitive Data
November 19, 2015CITRIS and the Pacific Research Platform
October 22, 2015Research Consulting Working Group - Debrief (at BIDS)
November 5, 2015DANG! Reading Group: ePADD: A New Platform for Conducting DH Research... [303 Doe Library]
October 8, 2015Research Data Management - Service Launch
September 24, 2015Digital Art History
August 27, 2015Electronic Lab Notebooks: Trends and Issues
August 13, 2015Berkeley Research Computing: Cloud Consulting Service Launch
July 30, 2015Cloud-based Simulation to Optimize Study Design and Analysis for Health Impacts
July 16, 2015Are Future Astronomical Surveys Big Data, and What Should We Be Doing With Them?
July 2, 2015Google Analytics for Biodiversity Data Insight and Advocacy
June 4, 2015ETS and the Digital Studio
May 21, 2015Administrative/Academic Partnerships in Data Projects
May 7, 2015Highlights from March conferences: RDA, ACI-REF, CASC
April 23, 2015Geospatial analysis in historical research
April 9, 2015Consultation for teaching and learning at UC Berkeley
Mar 26, 2015Science DMZ: a Network Design Pattern for Data Intensive Science
Feb 26, 2015Research Data Storage: Parallel file systems for HPC, archival storage, & beyond
Feb 12, 2015National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
Jan 29, 2015Hackathons at Berkeley (#HackFSM and #HackTheHearst)
Jan 15Digital Humanities at Berkeley: Capacity Building and Integration
2014 datesTopic
Dec 4Research Data Storage, Part II: unlimited storage on Google Drive
Nov 20Research Data Storage, Part I: Space Sciences Lab
Nov 6Technology and Student Experience (UC eNGAGE conference)
Oct 23Analytics on UC strategic sourcing data
Oct 9Automated optimization of Python code for MPI/OpenMP/OpenCL HPC
Sept 25HIPPA - NSF-ACI - Funders' view of Data Management: CASC Meeting debrief
Sept 11Supporting research with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems
August 28CENIC and Research Opportunities
August 14Science DMZ
June 19Data publication as a means to document and share research

June 5

Teaching Analysis and Presentation of Open Data

May 21

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Research Computing

May 7

Managing sensitive/restricted research data
April 10Virtualized platforms for research
March 27Linked Open Data in archaeology and biology
March 13Report-back from the ECAR annual meeting (2014)
February 27Providing services for the enterprise vs supporting research
January 30Data management in science domains
January 16Bioinformatics and MorphoVIS (Tamira Elul)
2013 datesTopic
December 5Research computing needs of grad students: UCB focus group & beyond
November 21Data science for social good workshop report-back
November 7Supporting scholarly networking
October 24CASC (Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation) report-back
October 3Social science applications of data science
August 29APIs and research data management
August 15Open access and scholarly publishing
August 1Digital humanities
July 18Data science update
July 3DataEdge debrief
June 13Research infrastructure peer benchmarking
June 6HPC
May 23Data science
April 25Developing research data management services
April 11Developing research data management services