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    Page: 2013-04-11 Developing research data management services
    Page: 2013-04-25 Developing research data management services
    Page: 2013-05-23 Data science
    Page: 2013-06-06 HPC
    Page: 2013-06-13 Research infrastructure peer benchmarking
    Page: 2013-07-03 DataEdge debrief
    Page: 2013-08-01 Digital humanities
    Page: 2013-08-15 Open access and scholarly publishing
    Page: 2013-08-29 APIs and research data management
    Page: 2013-10-03 Social science applications of data science
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Research Information Technology (114)     Page: 2013-11-21 Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Workshop report-back
    Page: RDM Librarian Training Program
    Page: Software sustainability concerns in research
    Page: Moving Forward with Active Research Data Storage Solutions
    Page: Geospatial analysis in historical research
    Page: 2013-10-24 CASC (Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation) report-back
    Page: 2014-08-28 CENIC and Research Opportunities
    Page: 2014-06-19 Data publication as a means to document and share research
    Page: Trends and topics in Research IT consulting at Berkeley
    Page: Giving datasets context: a comparison study of institutional repositories that apply varying degrees of curation
    Page: 2014-09-25 HIPAA - NSF-ACI - Funders' view of Data Management: CASC Meeting debrief
    Page: Reflecting on VR Month: Virtual Reality at Berkeley
    Page: Digital Humanities at Berkeley: Capacity Building and Integration
    Page: Approaches to Secure Research Computing
    Page: Indirect cost rates on sponsored research at UC Berkeley
    Page: Research Data Storage, Part I: Space Sciences Lab
    Page: 2014-09-11 Supporting research with Digital Asset Management systems
    Page: Analyzing data produced by campus engagement online: thinking through strategy and policy
    Page: Configuring and using perfSONAR for network throughput testing
    Page: Research Data Management - Service Launch
    Page: UCCSC roundtable-style reportback
    Page: 2013-12-05 Research computing needs of grad students: UCB focus group & beyond
    Page: The Library's Scholarly Communication Program
    Page: Emerging Trends in Consulting on Research and Teaching
    Page: GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer and Control-M Workload Automation for research data transfer
    Page: Using Digital Learning Platforms for Data Science Education
    Page: Berkeley's cloud-based Learning Analytics stack
    Page: 2013-04-11 Developing research data management services
    Page: Jetstream and CyVerse Roadmaps
    Page: Hackathons at Berkeley (HackFSM and HackTheHearst)
    Page: 2013-08-29 APIs and research data management
    Page: National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
    Page: Consultation for teaching and learning at UC Berkeley
    Page: Restricted data types used in secure computing environments
    Page: Supercomputing and CASC Conference Reportbacks
    Page: 2013-10-03 Social science applications of data science
    Page: 2014-08-14 Science DMZ
    Page: iNaturalist: An Online Platform For Natural History
    Page: Reimagining IT at UC Berkeley
    Page: 2013-04-25 Developing research data management services
    Page: The Carpentries at UC Berkeley and Beyond
    Page: Computational Assyriology and Reproducible Research
    Page: A Secure, Jetstream-Esque AWS Setup for Data Science on HIPAA-protected data
    Page: HearstCAVE: Developing 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Materials
    Page: Are Future Astronomical Surveys Big Data, and What Should We Be Doing With Them?
    Page: 2014-10-23 - Analytics on UC strategic sourcing data with IPython and BCE
    Page: Intro to Kubernetes and how it is being used to support Data Science Education
    Page: Experiments scaling computational resources with JupyterHub
    Page: Handling Sensitive Museum Data at UC Berkeley: the CollectionSpace Approach
    Page: Born Digital Research Archives: Technologies and Challenges
    Page: How Computational Infrastructure Shapes The Materials Project
    Page: Natural Language Processing over a Fanfiction Corpus
    Page: Google Analytics for Biodiversity Data Insight and Advocacy
    Page: How should NSF support cyberinfrastructure for the next decade?
    Page: Exploring visualization services for UC Berkeley
    Page: Shifter: Enabling Containers for HPC
    Page: 2014-01-30 Data management in science domains
    Page: Data publishing and curation with Dryad
    Page: 2014-10-09 SEJITS - Automated optimization of Python code for MPI-OpenMP-OpenCL HPC
    Page: 2013-07-03 DataEdge debrief
    Page: Learning Data and Analytics: The Promise and Pitfalls
    Page: Recent developments in publishing research data: Open Context
    Page: 2014-05-21 The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Research Computing
    Page: A Modern Cyberinfrastructure: The Ladder to the Shoulders of Giants.
    Page: 2014-04-10 Virtualized platforms for research
    Page: 2015-08-27 Electronic Lab Notebooks - Trends and Issues
    Page: Support Your Data: Renaming Research Data Management
    Page: 2013-08-15 Open access and scholarly publishing
    Page: PEARC17 Conference Report-back
    Page: Berkeley Research Computing: Cloud Consulting Service Launch
    Page: Highlights from March conferences: RDA, ACI-REF, CASC
    Page: George Lakoff: The Berkeley Center for Brain, Mind, and Society
    Page: Rethinking Secure Medical Research in the Cloud at UCSF
    Page: 2014-06-05 Teaching Analysis and Presentation of Open Data
    Page: 2013-06-06 HPC
    Page: CITRIS and the Pacific Research Platform
    Page: Science DMZ at UC Berkeley
    Page: Literature and Digital Humanities Working Group
    Page: UC Data Network: A Systemwide Solution for Free Research Data Management
    Page: Secure Computing Environments: Campus Approaches
    Page: 2014-02-27 Providing Services for the Enterprise vs Supporting Research
    Page: UCCSC Talk Previews: Supporting Active Research Data & Research Computing as a Partnership
    Page: Reportback from CNI Conference
    Page: Framework for workflows with task dependencies on HPC
    Page: 2014-01-16 Bioinformatics and MorphoVIS
    Page: PEARC & NRP: reportbacks from recent conferences
    Page: Report-back from UCLA Digital Humanities Infrastructure symposium
    Page: Data Acquisition and Access Program
    Page: Workforce development and professionalization of research cyberinfrastructure roles (CaRCC)
    Page: ETS and the Digital Studio
    Page: Developing Pedagogical and Research Tools for a Film Delivery Platform
    Page: 2013-06-13 Research infrastructure peer benchmarking
    Page: Cloud-based Simulation to Optimize Study Design and Analysis for Health Impacts
    Page: Analytics Environments On Demand: Approaches to Scaling Up Computing with Virtualization
    Page: Addressing security and privacy threats in data analytics with Helio
    Page: 2013-05-23 Data science
    Page: Non-consumptive research over large data sets
    Page: Research Data Storage, Part II: unlimited storage on Google Drive
    Page: Research Data Storage: Parallel file systems for high performance computing, archival storage, and beyond
    Page: CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative
    Page: Data Science Education Infrastructure in U.S. and Canada
    Page: Computing for the GRETA spectrometer: processing instrument data at scale
    Page: Broadening Participation in Visualization Workshop: report-back from Purdue University
    Page: 2013-08-01 Digital humanities
    Page: National efforts to coordinate Research IT consulting and facilitation
    Page: Turning big corpora into big data – Digital Humanities at scale
    Page: Science DMZ - a Network Design Pattern for Data Intensive Science
    Page: Basics of Machine Learning, Science Use Cases
    Page: Problems in securing research data
    Page: Technology and Student Experience (UC eNGAGE)
    Page: Digital Art History
    Page: Singularity: Mobility of Compute with Containers
    Page: Text Analysis on XSEDE
    Page: Integrating Globus and Box in research workflows