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Note: The analysis below is based on resource forecasts accurate as of April 2010 and cover the period between March 2010 to August 2010.

Based on the Standardized Activity Allocations for Each Museum, the IST team time forecasts show the following general allocations to each museum over the next few months.  In general, the forecasts show that two thirds of team activity is performed for the benefit of BNHM museums, with the remaining third allocated to other collectons.

As you will see based on the contours below:  furloughs, vacations, holidays and START time have been removed from the museum allocations.    Note:  the Delphi/CollectionSpace allocations have not been fully allocated yet, which largely benefit PAHMA at this point.  The dip at the end of march is a result of campus furloughs...

Updated with April 2010 forecasts


  File Modified
PNG File Museum Activity Forecast - Sept 09.png Museum Activity Forecast Sept 09 Oct 15, 2009 by Patrick McGrath (ACCOUNT DISABLED)
PNG File Museum Activity Forecast - Oct 09.png Oct activity Chart Oct 29, 2009 by Patrick McGrath (ACCOUNT DISABLED)
PNG File Screen shot 2010-04-27 at 3.14.12 PM.png Apr 27, 2010 by Patrick McGrath (ACCOUNT DISABLED)
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