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Meeting with Tom Tsai, Susan Tobes, Patrick McGrath - March 8, 2010


  • Pilot service - not fully production.
  • Hosted by Pair networks with an hour a month of site/software maintenance @ $100.  Vahid does patching and extra administration using Pair's dashboards.
  • based on billing - 2 drupal sites, 1 joomla, 1 wordpress.  Tom estimated 6 sites not in IST, plus IST sites as well.
  • Provisioned manually in terms of product configuration (no provisioning tools other than the hosting dashboard)
  • department content is push only. each department is on their own slice.
  • Goal to bring down the cost, and speed deployment of new sites/customers.
  • $100 a month is too expensive. cost is the driver.  would be better if it was 1/4 the cost, which should be the target.
  • Customers generally happy with the function of the content management applications.
  • the external hoster's dashboard is very advantageous, since the products generally require reasonable technical knowledge in install, configure, manage.
  • External sites not a current fit for restricted data.
  • Calweb-in-a-box - AS making it available, but not actively promoting it. Setting expectation for 2 year end-of-life.  Looking to replace with more standardized Drupal offerings (being led by Brian's efforts with support from the AS team).


  • Pilot service
  • Hosted on a VM at Berkeley
  • Very good for IT collaboration projects, integrated with developer tools (Jira, Subversion) 

CalwebPro Hosting services

  • Need to followup more directly with Don [Patrick to schedule]
  • About 1/3 content management systems
  • About 1/3 PHP apps
  • About 1/3 dreamweaver/HTML publishing
  • Service seems to be on a downswing/dying.  Major concerns about performance.  Running on out-of-warranty hardware (though this is included in the recharge rate)

Misc / General Comments

Seeing more customers asking about management of restricted data in their content.

  • Some of this is because departments are using these applications as development platforms, or extensions of development platforms.
  • Example - Alumni group building forms that collect restricted data about scholarships with Drupal forms.
  • Real data stewardship issues, policy/compliance, etc 

For unique sites, major need/opportunity for consulting services. Expensive becuase they are unique.   Vanilla sites are cheaper - especially with external hosters like dreamhost.  we should think about migration paths from vanilla solutions to more unique solutions as the use of content management platforms mature.

Sharepoint - great as intranet portal, especially for project management, document/business workflows.

Joomla - was a product used for one-offs.  Saying no to new Joomla requests.

AS working on a solution to automate the IT policy workflow for approval of off-site hosting.

Wordpress/Blogging - there is a lot of demand for this. looking to go off-campus for this.


  • Drupal roadmap looks very promising.  We should proceed with the plan to further develop / release it.
    • While the technical foundation for the service is proceeding well, we need to turn this into a real service model that has developed SLA's with expectations for how many hours are necessary from the AS team to back Brian up in the service installations, configurations, delivery, consulting, training, support.
  • We should drive content management roadmaps in general based on the core use-cases, which should then drive the technologies and sourcing strategies.
  • have needs/gaps drive priorities/work, with incremental (agile) steps.
  • Cost is the biggest driver.  can we get the new drupal services to replace calweb-in-a-box?
  • Really need to map out what the products do, and do well.
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