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NSF Programs: Sample statements about data management requirements

Dimensions of Biodiversity  

Project Description: The project description must address the following points:

  • A separate data management section with the specific details of data standards, accessibility

Planetary Biodiversity Inventories (PBI)

… a detailed Management Plan specifying …. Describe concisely the database models and elements, as specified above, and plans for maintenance of databases beyond the duration of the grant, with identification of personnel charged with technical design and implementation. The data from the projects funded under this solicitation must be made accessible to, and usable by, the broad scientific and education communities through the Internet. To insure this, a data management plan must be submitted as part of the management plan. The plan should include the format for data and also address issues of maintenance. Images and other data should be included, along with a description of available tools.

Advances in Biological Informatics (ABI)

Proposals should include a management plan that identifies the personnel responsible for all major tasks with time schedules for all members of the team for the duration of the project; annual milestones for judging productivity and progress; means of communication and data management within the project team; training and outreach activities, including field, laboratory, and museum experiences for trainees, leadership development for key team members, and integration of new team members; and plans for coordination with other projects. 

Biological Research Collections

Proposals related to development of electronic databases must describe the hardware and software to be used, the data model and elements of the database, mechanisms for quality control of data entry, capacity for expansion, internet accessibility, strong evidence of awareness of community information management standards, computerization and interoperability approaches, and plans for permanent maintenance of the database. All data entered during a BRC-funded project must be made available over the internet during the course of the project (exceptions may include sensitive data such as localities for endangered species) and provisions must be made to account for the long term, publicly available, preservation of data. Quality assurance for species identifications, testing the accuracy of data entry, statements on georeferencing protocols, and a searchable database or metadata format should be included in the description.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Grants (AAG)

Refers to the requirements in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide

NSF Grant Proposal Guide

… The Project Description should outline the general plan of work, including the broad design of activities to be undertaken, and, where appropriate, provide a clear description of experimental methods and procedures and plans for preservation, documentation, and sharing of data, samples, physical collections, curriculum materials and other related research and education products. It must describe as an integral part of the narrative, the broader impacts resulting from the proposed activities, addressing one or more of the following as appropriate for the project: how the project will integrate research and education by advancing discovery and understanding while at the same time promoting teaching, training, and learning; ways in which the proposed activity will broaden the participation of underrepresented groups (e.g., gender, ethnicity, disability, geographic, etc.); how the project will enhance the infrastructure for research and/or education, such as facilities, instrumentation, networks, and partnerships; how the results of the project will be disseminated broadly to enhance scientific and technological understanding; and potential benefits of the proposed activity to society at large. Examples illustrating activities likely to demonstrate broader impacts are available electronically on the NSF website.

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