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Project Bamboo

Contributed significant direction and content to the Bamboo planning project, culminating in an implementation grant proposal to the Andrew W. Mellon foundation. This $1.2 million grant would fund the development of several key areas, including the Bamboo Services Platform, support for Corpora management, Content interoperability, and Workspaces.

A series of community design workshops were conducted, drawing broad participation from leading Universities around the world. The ideas coming from these were refined, and converted into a set of deliverables for the first phase of implementation.

Berkeley Prosopography Services

Under the auspices of project Bamboo, we are developing a set of services to support research on social relations and networks in ancient corpora. Progress is slow due to very limited resources, but we developed a services model for basic corpora management, prototyped a model for a probabilistic name disambiguation, and worked with humanities scholars from around the world to model a user interface for configuring the name-disambiguation reasoner.

We contributed to a series of grant proposals for BPS, and won a NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant that supports some ongoing development.


U.C. Berkeley continues to develop the services back-end of CollectionSpace, and is taking a larger role in the technical leadership and the work to build a strategy for sustaining CollectionSpace. Patrick Schmitz is now the overall technical lead (lead architect) for the project.

UCB played a significant role in two major grants that support development and deployment work:

  • Andrew W. Mellon CollectionSpace 2.0, $1.2 million ($360K to UCB) over 16 months to continue development of common functionality.
  • CollectionSpace Deployments (IMLS) $750K, ($214 to UCB). The AD team will contribute development resources to the deployment of CollectionSpace for 3 campus museums, establishing a baseline, templates, best practices, and a community of practice, for continuing deployments for many more museums on campus.

CollectionSpace will ship the 1.0 version early in the next quarter, including support for the basic procedures defined in the SPECTRUM standard for collections management.

We presented the project at several conferences, and at campus venues.

We were invited to an architecture workshop for the ArchivesSpace project, and work closely with their team as they plan for a development project. We are also invited to consult with Project OLE (Open Library Environment), the ResearchSpace project, and the ConservationSpace project, on shared services and infrastructure models.

We hired a new Senior Java Developer to help build the services that support CollectionSpace.

Services Governance and Standards activities

We continue to drive, and contribute to, two complementary efforts around services governance:

  • a UCB SOA Governance working group meets monthly to bi-monthly, exploring issues of governance, services design for re-use, and the requirements for data and services governance among groups that deploy solutions for the campus, but must also balance the needs of consortial development projects.
  • a Services technology stack discussion group that discusses how ca,pus projects can move toward a shared technology stack for services deployment. This led to several campus proposals for pilot deployments.

Delphi Museum Collections Browser

We continue to support the PAHMA deployment, and while resources are very limited, slowly add new functionality for ontology maintenance.

Outreach and publications

  • Participated and presented at numerous Bamboo workshops
  • Presented at a workshop on IT tools for Prosopography
  • Presented at Museums and the Web 2010
  • Presented a series of Webinars on CollectionSpace
  • Presented CollectionSpace, and BPS, at UCB School of Information events
  • Presented strategic models at Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Spring 2010 workshop
  • Wrote or contributed to articles in campus publications
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