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  • SN-0017 Database and Web Development Support for "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry - An Online Critical Edition"

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Database and Web Development Support for "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: An Online Critical Edition"

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  • Name: Jesse Merandy
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  • Institution/Organization: CUNY, The Graduate Center
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  1. In the opinion of the scholar, who participates in the process the story describes?
    (e.g. "just this scholar", "many people in the scholar's field of inquiry", "all academics", etc.)
  2. What is this process intended to accomplish for the scholar?
  3. Who is the intended audience of the processes described?
  4. Is this the only process the scholar uses to accomplish his/her goals?
  5. What "shared services" would help transform the story into something of more benefit for the scholar or his/her audience?  What process or processes in the story could be automated?

WHAT: I have developed a unique multimedia walking tour that traces the 19th century American poet Walt Whitman's classic poem, Leaves of Grass, by allowing users to walk literally and virtually in the poet's shoes as he once traversed lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

HOW and HELPS: Using a mix of MP3 audio, text, and maps delivered on an MP3 player or PDA, "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: An Online Critical Edition" ( immerses the user in Whitman's 19th century world of Brooklyn and Manhattan, using poetry (both text and spoken word) as the entrepot for the walking tour.

NEED: The Walt Whitman Walking Tour and Online Critical Edition needs support with setup and implementation of a feedback device for users to be able to comment on their experiences during and after they have taken the walking tour. Although my knowledge of web design is strong, it has not proved sufficient to do the backend database setup that is required to design and implement such a system. In order to set up an appropriate user blog, I need some kind of ongoing and direct support in order to get the Web 2.0 elements of the site to a preliminary operational state. What have other digital humanities programs with limited financial and technical resources done in similar situations?

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