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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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On December 12 at 12PM EDT, the Tools and Content Partners Working Group (TCP below) held a conference call. Tim Cole, Ray Larson, Mark Williams, John Laudun, Sian Meikle, and Sorin Matei were present at the start with Kaylea Champion and Alex Wade joining later. The agenda for the meeting was simple, principally focused on discussing potential demonstrators for the W3 meeting in Tucson.

Potential Demmonstrators

Tim Cole asked each of the individuals who had expressed interest in demonstrating to sketch out the nature of the demonstrator and its potential value for Project Bamboo:

Larson three potential demonstrators:

  • geographic and temporal codes
  • natural language processing
  • image manipulation and processing

Matei described two potential demonstrators:

  •  A location-aware (or -based) application where information is attached to specific locations [via KML? -- jl] that can be viewed either through a virtual environment (like a CAVE) or a real environment via some portable computing device
  • ThoughtArk

Williams described one potential demonstrator:

  • A web portal that would emphasize the significance of media studies -- perhaps based on a wiki -- which would offer streaming historical newscasts. Williams is seeking tool sets or the development of new tool sets. The portal's purpose is to help researchers understand how the news media relate to citizenry and popular memory.

Cole described one potential demonstrator:

  • A way to cite original (source) images and their derivatives which is not painful to access or use.

Discussion of W3 Format and Agenda

The presentation and discussion of the demonstrators took about forty minutes and took us to the 45-minute mark in our conference call. In the remaining time, Matei asked what role there was for theory, for an articulation of the theory behind a particular tool or tool set, in the demonstrations.

Champion briefed us on the current agenda for W3, with the provision that this is all a draft. Currently, it looks like there will be on Monday time for Working Groups to meet and re-connect in person and then to prepare their 10-minutes presentation to the plenary. That will consume the morning. In the afternoon, the focus will be on demonstrators.

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  1. Unknown User (johnlaudun)

    My apologies for the delay in getting the complete notes posted. I had hoped to add links from the outline above to the web pages of the individuals volunteering to demonstrate, but I am hoping that the individuals themselves will take up that charge or link to the demonstrator pages within the wiki itself that we discussed.