This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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How to add to Bamboo Buzz

If you've written about Project Bamboo, or know of a blog post we missed, we encourage you to add a link to the Bamboo Buzz page. Please place it under the appropriate category in chronological order, with the most recent posts first. Currently, only Bamboo Participants can add to this page.

When adding a link, we ask that you follow the format:
(1 January 2008) Author's Name (Author's Affiliation), Title of Blog Post with Link.

Beyond Workshop 5

(24 June 2009) Vika Safrin (Boston University), Speed Interview (YouTube) Digital Humanities Conference 2009

Workshop 4

 (19 April 2009) Jeff Drouin (City University of New York) Project Bamboo Workshop 4 Summary.

Between W3 and W4

(20 April 2009) Ricky Erway (OCLC) Interesting ideas do not always a project make.

(5 March 2009) Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin) An Approving Nod.

(4 March 2009) Iris Jastram (Carleton College) Digital Humanities and Digital Collections.

(19 February 2009) Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin) Humanities and the Digital.

(26 January 2009) Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin) Bamboo Faultlines.

Workshop 3

(19 January 2009) Sorin Matei (Purdue University) The future of Bamboo: An emerging consortium of partners dedicated to generic, not specific projects.

(12 January 2009) R. Wisneski (Case Western Reserve University) Project Bamboo Workshop - Day 1.

(7 November 2008) Bryan Alexander (NITLE) Project Bamboo announced workshop three.

Workshop 2

(20 October 2008) Hugh Cayless (UNC-Chapel Hill), On Bamboo the 2nd 

Reactions to Wiki Content

 (7 August 2008) Tom Elliott (New York University), Bamboo Rising: Are Databases the "New Ground" of Humanities Research?

Workshop 1: Understanding Arts and Humanities Scholarship

(9 October 2008) Jean Bauer (University of Virginia) Bamboo Grows Quickly
(18 July 2008) Wally Grotophorst (George Mason University), Say?.

(18 July 2008) Stan Katz (Princeton University)

(17 July 2008) Cole Camplese (Penn State University), Organized in the Cloud.

(15-16 July 2008) Bryan Alexander (NITLE)

(15 July 2008) John Unsworth's Remarks about Cyberinfrastructure and Bamboo at the fourth Workshop One instance, held at Princeton University.

(15 July 2008) Maureen Jameson (University at Buffalo, State University of New York), Project Bamboo Meeting 1d.

(27 May 2008) Latter Day Bohemian, Bending and Growing.

(15-17 May 2008) Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin)

Reactions to Project Bamboo

What people are saying on Twitter -- and specifically about Workshop 4.

(27 November 2008) Jeremy Ottevanger (Museum of London), Building Communities

(9 November 2008) Terry E, Data Unbound » Sorin Matei on Project Bamboo and the role of mashups.

(22 October 2008) Will Anderson (University of Chicago), Sun-Times spotlights Project Bamboo, Arno Bosse

(19 October 2008) Sean Gillies (New York University), Second-guessing Project Bamboo.

(14 August 2008) Josh Schonwald, Project Bamboo members work toward understanding technology's role in scholarship of humanists in the University of Chicago Chronicle.

Things to Do While Waiting for the Future to Happen: Building Cyberinfrastructure for the Liberal Arts, David Green & Michael Roy, Educause, July/August 2008

(24 July 2008) Lynne M. Thomas (Northern Illinois University), RBMS Report III: Permissions Limbo, Part II

(8 July 2008) Tom Elliott (New York University) et al., Bibliography on Arts and Humanities Cyberinfrastructure in Antiquist List.

(11 June 2008) Raymond Yee (George Mason University), Sorin Matei on Project Bamboo and the role of mashups.

(6 June 2008) Sorin Matei (Purdue University), The Bamboo Digital Humanities Initiative: A Modest Proposal.

(16 May 2008) Cornelius Puschmann (University of Düsseldorf), Tools for a Digital Humanities.


(20 August 2008) Paul Draper (Queensland Conservatorium), Transforming HASS Research.

(19 June 2008) Steve Masover (University of California, Berkeley), Advanced CAMP - CI Salad: Defining the Problem presentation.

(13 May 2008) Chad Kainz (University of Chicago) and David Greenbaum (University of California, Berkeley), CNI Podcast: Bamboo - Community-Defined Shared Services and Cyberinfrastructure for the Arts & Humanities.

(17 January 2008) Chris Mackie (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation), VALE (virtual libraries) presentation.

Project Bamboo Proposal

(20 November 2008) William F. Garrity (Dartmouth College) Project Bamboo.

(16 August 2008) Gerry McKiernan (Iowa State University Library), Project Bamboo.

(21 May 2008) Iris Jastram (Carleton College), The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same?.

(15 May 2008) Daylife Blog, Project Bamboo: Getting it all together.

(13 May 2008) Kelly Searsmith (SEASR, Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research), Participating in Bamboo.

(13 May 2008) Melissa Terras (University College of London), Bamboozle.

(15 April 2008) Peter Boot (Huygens Institut), Bamboo: Gedeelde services voor de geesteswetenschappen - Dutch.

(26 March 2008) Marina (King's College London), Project Bamboo

(24 March 2008) Dan Cohen (George Washington University), Project Bamboo Launches

(24 March 2008) Charles W. Bailey, Jr. (Digital Scholarship), Digital Humanities Grant: Mellon Foundation Funds Bamboo Planning Project

(4 February 2008) Steve Lawson (Colorado College), Oh the Digital Humanities.

(31 Jan 2008) Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin), Bamboo: one to watch.

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