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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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How should we make decisions?


One thing we've quickly discovered is that a project that spans multiple countries, organizations, institutions, and disciplines is a challenging project to coordinate. There are strategic, tactical, and operational decisions that need to be made each day, and responding quickly and in the best interest of the community is a tough balancing act. For this stage of the project, we've created a leadership council that provides us with strategic direction, placed two people in co-director roles who deal with strategic and tactical questions, assembled a project team and program staff to handle day-to-day operational issues, and solicited input from the broader community of participants for ideas and overarching guidance. That model is entirely based on one that has its roots in software development and grant-funded projects. Is that the right decision-making model? Are there models that work for large communities and projects that provide workable alternatives to the classic hierarchical project model? What doesn't work? What should we watch out for? Are there organizations, projects and/or initiatives we should take a look at?

We invite you to add your comments below and as always, please keep Project Bamboo's Community Design Guidelines in mind, as stated in How to use this site.

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