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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Student Education & Development

Questions that need to be addressed to shape this direction

  • How can Bamboo develop training programs that will be of optimal use/relevance to faculty's research/teaching, programs that will catch the interest/commitment of humanities researchers, many of whom don't have much experience with IT.
  • What does education mean? Marketing? Outreach? Consciousness raising? Teaching and learning?
  • What new forms of teaching and learning might Bamboo generate? - challenging model that education comes from faculty down; some might come from students up
  • What forms of teaching might get choked out by this initiative?
  • Desire to be careful about language used to frame the activity
  • Shift from education/training to mentoring/outreach/communication
  • Graduate student education and outreach to faculty colleagues
  • Can we develop a rich, attractive dig hum culture by mainstreaming e-scholarship methods, practices and educational opportunities into traditional disciplines
  • Easier for scholars whose work is primarily methodological to engage with digital humanities, vs. those doing interpretive work
  • What forms should education/training/outreach take?
  • Through what processes will B help people discover each other/tools/resources?
  • What would training look like? Most effective form? Should PB specialize or generalize?
  • Who should PB be training? Every faculty/student? Admin? IT staff? Collaborators?
  • Relationship between education and research.
  • How do we create a method that encourages multi-directional flow of teaching and learning, colleague to colleague? (In some of the language, suggests faculty need to learn stuff from technologists/librarians; there needs ot be learning going in multiple directions)

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