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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Story Repository serves to collect those narratives that describe or exemplify practices, work, tools and collaboration our community believes should impact and should be impacted by the work of Project Bamboo. Each story should describe the work or creation of one or many scholars engaged in the academic or creative endeavor they consider to be part of their responsibility as an academic. The story may feature processes, tools of collaborations in existence or as yet only imagined. It is through the understanding of the processes and behaviors in these stories that our team can analyze what technology will have the most beneficial impact and meaning upon the communities we serve. Through the linkage between these stories and specific proposed technologies we hope we may foster common understanding between those of us in different fields.

The Story Template is designed to collect a useful amount of metadata about each story, while leaving room for the story to be expressed as the author(s) feel best. We recognize that the collector of a story may not be external to the story and so ask for information both about the collector and those scholars who play a part in the story itself. In the interest of providing artifacts useful to later analysis we ask that the metadata be filled in as completely as possible. As story collection continues it is our goal to improve the repository to adapt to the needs of Project Bamboo. Metadata, particularly contact information, is vital to revision and improvement of this resource. To aid in this collection process Narrative Template Instructions have been created.

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SN-0021 A Prosthetic Reading of Shakespeare's Genres
SN-0022 Data Access in Secondary Publications
SN-0023 AUSTLANG Web-based Australian Indigenous Languages Database
SN-0024 Australian Women's Register
SN-0025 Biofutures - Owning Body Parts and Information - An Interactive DVD ROM
SN-0026 Pico Project
SN-0027 Collaborative Translation and Annotation
SN-0028 Untitled
SN-0029 Creating Online Exhibits
SN-0030 The Bidwern Project - Digital recording and archiving on the western Arnhem Land Plateau
SN-0031 Electronic Piers Plowman
SN-0032 E-PALS- European Performing Arts Library Association
SN-0033 ePhilology and Memographies
SN-0034 Finding and using inscriptions- Building a corpus
SN-0035 Extended Development Project- Online Database on the History of Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
SN-0036 Film Short Creation
SN-0037 Group Presentation
SN-0038 IM-Theatre, Interactive Multimedia Theatre
SN-0039 Inscriptions of the Isparta Archaeological Survey
SN-0040 Keywords for American Cultural Studies -- Website and Collaboratories
SN-0041 Methodology Statement- Making a Mess With Method
SN-0042 Mapping the Digital Humanities
SN-0043 Personal Research Collections- Data and Archival Preservation and Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences
SN-0044 Preparing Lecture Materials on Architecture and Sculptural Program of the Parthenon
SN-0045 Starting a Research Project
SN-0046 Research Methods of an Individual Scholar-2
SN-0047 Services for eClassics
SN-0048 Student Research as Bricolage
SN-0049 Tele-immersion and Live Performance
SN-0050 The Global Middle Ages Project
SN-0051 Tibetan Buddhist Literature Scenario
SN-0052 Timeline of Anglo-Saxon England Scenario
SN-0053 Tracking Down a Hymn
SN-0054 Variations - a Tool Set for Music Research and Pedagogy
SN-0055 Video Preservation, Annotation and Publishing for the Arts and Humanities - The EVIA Digital Archive Project
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