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  • 2010-11-22 Meeting Notes (F2F Meeting)

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Meeting Notes:

Face-to-Face Collections Interoperability (CI) Meeting, 11/22/2010

Hardin Hall, Evanston IL



Tim Cole, UIUC

Claire Stewart, NU

Bob Taylor, NU

Jim Muehlenberg, WI

Scott Prater, WI

Bruce Barton, WI

Peter Gorman, WI

Lee Konrad, WI

Mike Stroming, NU

Karen Miller, NU

Jonathan Smith, NU

Harlan Wallach, NU

Harriet Green, UIUC

Myung-Ja “MJ” Han, UIUC

Guest/Affiliate:   Brian Tingle, California Digital Library

Guest/Affiliate:   Susan Whitfield, International Dunhuang Project@British Library


1.     Align UIUC & Northwestern work/development plans for CI for 2011.

2.     Deliverables to the Bamboo Technology Project from CI during 2011

3.     Work plans & organization & logistics of CI

4.     Strategy to engage with content providers & other collections-based projects

5.     Identify Candidate Collections  -- encourage looking for faculty-sponsored collections – put a date due on this for having impact on CI and adapter work …. Agreed that First Call for Candidate Collections ends on 1 March 2011

6.     CI Standards and recognized CI Protocols/CI Transport technologies

7.     How does Workspace Group engage with CI  -- feedback on initial WS object model.

Interoperability Profiles:

What are the content objects?

What are the content operations involved/supported?


Collections & collection services:

1.     Define Collection capability attributes (Claire Stewart-NU, Karen Miller-NU, Harriett Green-UIUC, Tim Cole-UIUC, MJ Han-UIUC,  Doug Moncur-ANU.)



Proof of concept experiments derived from scholarly narrative(s):

A.     Examine suitability of CMIS, SWORD2, ATOM Pub, OAI?,… and Packaging metadata (METS, ORE, …) by allowing a group of scholars to define a corpora composed of selected digital books (mostly, but not exclusively text) from a few select sources, Google, OCA/IA, TCP, …  

B.     Figuring out how CI remediation services work.

C.     Historic Photograph Collections. like A or part of A

Candidate Collections

All:  Please identify your choice picks by March 1, 2010.    But the earlier, the better!

The CI group heard from Brian Tingle (CDL Technical Lead) regarding the California Digital Library’s interest in considering some collections for CI targeting in 2011.   Northwestern will follow up with Brian Tingle and   with Ivy Anderson (CDL manager of Collections Development) about these prospects during December and January.

The CI group heard from Susan Whitfield of the International Dunhuang Project at the British Library.   Whitfield and Wallach (NU) have drafted a planning grant proposal to the Mellon that will investigate the development of a virtual repository of Silk Road content (manuscripts, images, maps, etc) from 25+ partner institutions around the world.  The potential virtual repository architecture and services would be aligned with BTP standards and capabilities.  British Library may also have other collections of potential future interest for interoperability with Bamboo.  e.g., Digitization of 49 UK newspapers from 1800 through 1900.



Modify #4, above, to include Bamboo “adapting” to existing collection services, i.e., to create a way to remediate an existing collection service to look to Bamboo ingest like one that meets Bamboo profile   -- i.e., connectors , adapters.   We need to work with Berkeley BSP team to see whether this adapters work is best done in 2011 by CI team, by Berkeley BSP team, or by others.

End of Meeting Conversations:

How best to approach Hathi Trust governance principals, regarding collections interoperability work with Hathi during 2011, possible adapter from BTP to Hathi, scholarly apps that would be permitted to run on Hathi.?

Find out results of the Mellon Corpus Query Workshop (ending 11/23/2010) and determine whether this affects CI work in 2011.

NU (Taylor), UIUC (Cole), WI (Gorman) will hold conference call the week of 11/29/2010 to begin drafting a prioritized development activities list for CI 2011 work, at their respective campuses.

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