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Consolidate Enterprise Content Management Service Delivery for the Campus V2.doc

January 26, 2010.  Draft 2.  Prepared by David A. Greenbaum


Project Proposal to DCIO and IST Directors : Carry out a review project in IST to determine how IST can better coordinate and consolidate the content management services it delivers to the campus.  Convene a working group made up of IST & OCIO representatives concerned with content management services.  The group will submit recommendations to DCIO and Directors, who will then determine next steps.   Complete this project in approximately 6 weeks from start date.  Project Sponsors : David Greenbaum and Michael Mundrane.


Need and Opportunity for Project :

  • Operational Excellence (OE) need
  • Multiple content management services spread out across IST
  • Growing demand on campus as evidenced by TAM and MVP analysis
  • Growing demand at the level of (a) Personal Information Management, (b) Departmental / Workgroup, and (c) Institutional
  • CDL, Library, and ETS connections
  • Need and opportunity to strengthen IST management focus on content management services
  • Specific skills sets are needed to carry out content management service delivery
  • National opportunities
  • Now is the time to carry out this analysis as we look at IST priorities, program, and campus Operational Effectiveness


Current Situation in IST (partial picture) :

  • MVP in DS
  • CollectionSpace in DS
  • Drupal – AS (Vahid Nadi)
  • Joomla – AS (Vahid Nadi)
  • Confluence – AS (Steve Hansen)
  • Drupal – COIS (Brian Wood)
  • Sharepoint – IS (Michael Leefers)


Project Details :

  • We want to investigate the coordination and possible consolidation of all content management services delivery from IST through Data Services, especially DS DRM.
  • Convene a group of IST and OCIO representatives from AS, CS, DS, IS, and OCIO.   Directors have recommended the following representatives: Patrick McGrath (chair person) and Noah Wittman (DS); Tom Tsai (he will coordinate participation of others in AS such as Vahid Nahdi) (AS); Michael Leefers and Jack Shnell (IS); Susan Tobes and Brian Woods (CS); and Liz Marsh (OCIO and OE Project).  Others such as Bill Allison will provide strategic consultation.
  • Assess landscape, clarify terms (e.g., what we mean and don’t mean by content management), and develop recommendations.   
  • Do this in 2-3 meetings over 1-2 months (max).  Review proposal at Directors meeting. 
  • This builds upon discussions that have already taken place.   Allows us to strengthen internal IST cross-departmental service and program review.
  • NOT in SCOPE for this project: Extensive campus and off-campus review of service offerings and opportunities.
  • Kick-off meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 4 th .  By that meeting Patrick McGrath will have prepared statement of project deliverables and plan.