Attending: Craig Moritz, Andrew Doran, Michael Black, Carla Cicero, Holly Forbes, Mark Goodwin, Diane Erwin, Kip Will, Joyce Gross, Patrick McGrath, Chris Hoffman.

Members of the BNHM-IST community met on November 9, 2009 to discuss the collection management system evaluation. A good discussion of issues was held and wide range of feedback was gathered with regard to the evaluation. While each system has its strengths and weaknesses, the BNHM-IST Partnership needs to focus its resources on a single platform.  While the evaluation and scorecard rely on a number of assumptions, it has generally been a fair process.  Because of its overall high score in the evaluation, CollectionSpace should be the platform that the Partnership focuses on, assuming that the concerns identified during the evaluation and discussed by the group are addressed. Several factors make broad group support for CollectionSpace difficult without reservation. Most importantly, CollectionSpace is currently still in its development phase. Also, given differences in data models and functions, CollectionSpace needs to demonstrate that its data model and user interface can be adapted to handle a subset of representative natural history museums.  

Given these issues, the following conditions apply to the group's recommendation:

A go-forward plan must be developed that addresses these concerns.

Museums can opt out of the BNHM-IST platform. However, they will then become responsible for the hosting and management of their collection management system.

Collaborations between the BNHM-IST platform and other systems must be encouraged.