Update February 12, 2010: A basic solution for UCMP has been developed and was shown to Mark Goodwin and David Lindberg in January.  Other staff in UCMP now have access this read-only system. 

System description

The solution is a read-only system that contains the combined loans information that is managed currently by Pat Holroyd and Diane Erwin via a dBase system. Data from the two databases are combined and imported into lists on CalShare (based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology). Data in the CalShare lists will be updated approximately on a monthly basis. The system (link below) is only available to authorized staff in UCMP (via CalNet ID).

The functionality is pretty basic here. From the Invoice list, you can click on the "loaned specimens" link in the Specimen-link column to pull up the list of specimens on that invoice. Note that some older invoices do not have the associated specimen records. On the list of specimens, there is a column that reads "Query UCMPDB"; it will attempt to pull up the record in the specimen database. Unfortunately, there are a few records in the dBase files where the location prefix is not entered, and that prevents the search on the specimen database from working correctly.

CalShare is based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology, so it has some nice built-in capabilities for filtering and sorting and exporting. Needless to say, these work better in Internet Explorer than Firefox! However the site does work pretty well in Firefox.

Processing steps


Invoice files (invoices.dbf)

Loaned specimens files (loansps.dbf)

Confirm all links are working!


Update monthly.  Request invoice and loansps files from Pat and Diane.