Accomplishment: Developing models for hosting CollectionSpace in a SaaS model.


Working with project partners, funders, campus and external IT experts, we are building tools, documentation, and administrative support to provide CollectionSpace as a Service. Initially, this will be offered to the campus museums, but we are in discussion with system partners about offering the service across the system. We are also working with external agencies and programs that are interested in collaborating to share tools, documentation, etc. that support a hosted service model.


The CollectionSpace project will provide a common, scalable solution for managing museum and research collections across the campus, and eventually across the system. This replaces a number of aging systems based upon obsolete technologies, and that require considerable overhead to support and maintain. It adds significant new functionality, provides accessible web-based interfaces, and leverages current enterprise technologies for security and stability.

By developing the support for a hosted service, we can provide a scalable, affordable service across the system. In addition to the cost savings to be realized, this offers other opportunities as well, including:

Impacted areas:

This directly impacts the museums and research collections supported by IST, including:

Because of the broad impact of these research collections, the indirect impact spans much of the research and teaching mission of the University.

Strategic Alignment: