Accomplishment: Negotiated sponsorship of CollectionSpace by a key technology provider/partner, Nuxeo. They are providing a 25% discount on support services for their platform.


CollectionSpace integrates the Nuxeo stack for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services. This open-source project provides a stable, powerful set of service maintained by a large community, and backed by a commercial vendor that provides support services and value added tools. We have been working with them for several years now, and they have agreed to sponsor the project by offering a significant discount on the support services.


While the project benefits broadly, UC Berkeley benefits directly as we realize savings on this support that we can devote to other areas of development and deployment of CollectionSpace for campus collections.

Impacted areas:

This directly impacts the museums and research collections supported by IST, including:

Because of the broad impact of these research collections, the indirect impact spans much of the research and teaching mission of the University.

Strategic Alignment:

By engaging with external technology partners in this way, we are saving money (indirectly leveraging the reputation of the University). Building a relationship with partners in this way supports a more stable model for long term sustainability.