Accomplishment: Transitioned the Imagine Service to IST


Imagine is a service that provides over 2000 campus users with document capture, management, viewing and process-based workflows. It is used to handle communications, correspondence, disbursements and other records for a number of departments at Cal.   As part of a broader organizational change early in FY11, responsibilities for the Imagine service were moved to IST.

Deliverables: Michelle Kresch, Amy Kimball, and the Imagine Team (Nick Phelps, Patricia Juarez, Rich Meyer and Patrick McGrath) delivered the following:


Transition of the Imagine service to IST has allowed us to consolidate and further develop skill sets in imaging, document management, workflow and information lifecycle management across a series of content management platforms. Combined with the reorganization within IST, this will allow us to also leverage practices across academic and administrative use cases.

Impacted areas:

The imagine service currently serves:

Strategic Alignment: